BrokerQuote is an automated insurance solution that reduces administrative overhead, saving you time and money.

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BrokerQuote lets wholesale insurance brokers take advantage of online market channels without the high costs associated with software.

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BrokerQuote’s dynamic rules engine powers the quotation process, enabling new product development without additional software effort.

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Your online quotation engine solution.

Easy Configuration

Allows easy configuration and setup of new insurance products on the system.

Automated Processes

Automation of complex insurance operations including renewals and mid-term adjustments. processes.

Policy Management

Incorporates innovative techniques for the ongoing online management of policies.

Advanced Reporting

A full suite of advanced MI reports available online and for export into Excel or PDF.


Increased ROI

Automation improves administrative efficiency, reducing costly manual processes, duplication, and errors. BrokerQuote saves money by reducing the amount of resources used.

More Revenue

BrokerQuote gives wholesale insurance brokers access to a new online market channel, so they can add additional commercial products and attract new brokerage business.

Saved Time

Easy configuration and set-up, innovative techniques for online policy management, and automated reporting and processes enables users to significantly reduce administrative time.


All policies and documentation are stored securely online, which means you’ll never lose important data.


BrokerQuote is a cloud-based insurance solution powered by insurance software leader dH2 Technologies, and is designed to reduce the challenges faced by the commercial wholesale insurance industry.

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